Known for his often fantastical story telling William has seen a fast rise in the world of TV and Commercials, a Cannes Lions and Royal Television Society Award winner. Directing drama for E4 and the BBC and spots for brands such as Google, Ford, Barclays, Sega, Boots and Pepsi's 2014 Super Bowl commercial.

William is the youngest ever director of E4's cult Sci-Fi drama MisFits, a BAFTA award winning TV show. Currently William is in production on the BBC's epic period drama 'Poldark', set in 18th century Cornwall.

At the age of 19 William wrote and directed 'Who's Afraid of the Water Sprite?'. A macabre fairy tale set in the mountains of Slovenia. The Royal Television society proclaimed the short as 'the best student film we have ever seen'. The short went on to receive multiple international awards and distribution through Shorts International and The BFI. The Cambridge University Film Festival has been renamed in honor of the short film.

William is currently developing his first feature film 'The Rising', a dark fairy tale set in Snowdonia during the industrial revolution. The film is in development with BAFTA award winning producer Hilary Bevan Jones and The BFI.